Church Tech Live

Computer Networking for Churches 101

August 18 at 7:00 EST

Not surprisingly, the most popular post on my site is the one about church computer networking. I think this is because many churches fall between the home network and business network categories: they have very little or no support from a trained IT professional, but yet–more now than ever–churches have a real need for a reliable network.

I’m so thankful that many churches out there have incredible volunteers like yourself trying to take the limited equipment, limited budget and limited time you have and provide some level of support for your church’s network.

Because of this, I’ve decided my very first free Church Tech Live webinar will be on the topic of computer networking, including:

  • Basic networking fundamentals: IP addresses, subnets and basic routing
  • Wireless networking: how to design a great, reliable wireless network experience
  • Troubleshooting: how to figure out why it’s not working as expected

The reason I’m excited to be hosting this live is that although there are many tutorial videos, blog posts, and other types of content available to you, my experience has been that having someone actually show you and having the opportunity to ask questions is a huge part of making the content valuable and understandable.

Use the form below to register. No spam: I’ll send you an email with details for how to access the free webinar, a reminder the day of the event, and an opportunity to stay up to date on additional Church Tech Live events in the future.

Hope to see you there, August 18 at 7:00 PM EST!