About a year ago I released gldMix: a simple iPhone app that allowed you to remotely mix on an Allen & Heath GLD series console. You can save and recall presets for your main mix, effects bus, or and mono or stereo auxillary bus.

The app is really designed for worship teams or bands that use a GLD series console, but either can’t afford ME-1 or ME-500 units or prefer to mix from an auxiliary bus but want to give remote access to the mix. gldMix is a relatively inexpensive alternative that works right from your iPhone.

Today I’m exited to be releasing version 2.0. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback over the last year, and I believe this update will really help make the app easier for worship teams to use on Sunday mornings. Here are some of the most important changes in this release:

  • Select which bus types should be visible, to avoid accidentally making changes to the main mix
  • Sync channel colors to make the app feel more consistent with your console’s configuration
  • A more user-friendly onboarding and startup process helps get you set to mix quickly every time you reconnect
  • You can now control channel mutes when mixing the main mix bus

You can download the app today from the Apple App Store:

I’m also working on enabling compatibility with Allen & Heath’s dLive, iLive, and Qu series of consoles. If you have a console from one of those series and would be interested in beta testing future compatibility, send your iTunes email address to ryan@brinkim.com and I’ll add you to the beta list!

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