1. “Why can’t your App do…”

The Vista Lighting Remote for iOS is a very basic App. This is primarily because the App is based on the supported MSC lighting messages listed publicly here. As you can see, there are only a few features available via these messages, and there is no other public way to control additional features.
If Jands decides to allow access to more features via MIDI messages I will happily add these features to the iOS remote App. For now, cues and cue lists are the only accessible features.
tl;dr: this App can’t do “x” because Jands hasn’t made it possible.

2. “How do I delete cues and cue lists?”

To delete a cue or cue list, simply swipe from left to right and press the revealed delete button.

3. “How come none of my triggers are working?”

There are a number of possible reasons your cue and cue list remote triggers aren’t working. Please start by following the getting-started steps to make sure you’ve correctly configured your PC or Mac to receive MIDI commands over the network.
If you’re still having trouble, here are a few things you can try:
1. Double-check that your iOS device is on the same network as your Vista host computer. Your WiFi access point must be on the same LAN as your Vista host for MIDI messages to be received.
2. Make sure that your network MIDI session is enabled in Vista. There seems to be a glitch where this occasionally gets unselected after a restart, so open your preferences and make sure it’s still enabled.
3. Confirm that your cue and cue list IDs match. There is no way for the App to validate that you entered the correct IDs, so mismatch IDs won’t trigger anything

If you’re still having trouble, or if you have a suggestion or request I’d love to hear from you. Please just send me an email!

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