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Computer Networking for Churches 101: Routers, Wireless and tons more

Networks are everywhere, and churches are more and more dependant on reliable networks every weekend. This post covers some networking fundamentals, and some basic tips and tricks to help you improve the speed and reliability of your house of worship’s network.Here is the deal, I’m going to start with some of my personal lessons learned, general networking recommendations, and troubleshooting tips. This will likely be the most helpful section for most of you. The second section will delve into a bit more detail around basic network components and definitions, which… Read More

Automating ProPresenter with Ableton Live and Network-based MIDI

Two programs that are becoming increasingly ubiquitous at churches these days are Ableton Live and ProPresenter. Here is a quick “how-to” tutorial on using an Ableton Live session to automate ProPresenter slide changes. At my church we use this method for sets with very specific arrangements, or special numbers that have very specific video timings. We still have volunteers that run lyrics for 90% of our sets, but remote control comes in handy on occasion.## Introduction First, here are a few things you’ll need to make this work: MIDI Musical… Read More