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Mumble: Effective & Free Audio Communications for Small Church Production

Why do you need good comms? As soon as your church production crew grows beyond the bounds of a single booth, communication becomes a challenge. You can no longer lean over and chat with the audio guy, or yell over the music to lighting operator to make sure he hits that main preach front lighting cue. Good communication is key to a successful production anywhere, and with many small churches (including mine) launching or growing their live video production for streaming, I thought I’d share my own experience and the… Read More

3 Keys for Making Your Volunteer Church Techs Successful

Here are a few simple keys I’ve discovered to help make your church’s volunteer audio/video/lighting/whatever team as successful as possible:## 1. Invest in Documentation NOW There is this concept called “technical debt” in software development. It refers to the idea that code written quickly or without proper documentation creates a sort of debt with interest. This is because the code becomes more and more difficult to clean up and properly document the longer you wait. Proper documentation of your audio, video, lighting and networking equipment is exactly the same. Right… Read More