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Vista Lighting Remote: Help

1. “Why can’t your App do…” The Vista Lighting Remote for iOS is a very basic App. This is primarily because the App is based on the supported MSC lighting messages listed publicly here. As you can see, there are only a few features available via these messages, and there is no other public way to control additional features. If Jands decides to allow access to more features via MIDI messages I will happily add these features to the iOS remote App. For now, cues and cue lists are the… Read More

Using Ableton as a Drummer

Introduction As one of the drummers for my church, it took me a while to get used to the idea of using a metronome during live sets. My worry was that it would sacrifice the emotional, spontaneous side of drumming, and make me into a more robotic drummer. In reality, the only thing I’ve found it does is to force the entire team to stay tighter, and I’m all for that! So when I finally caved and decided to throw myself into it and get myself a good click for… Read More

Mainstage 3 Synth: Optimizing CPU and RAM Utilization for Worship

Ever wonder why MainStage is running slow, or why you’re hearing weird pops or cracks, or why switching patches creates this terrible awkward pause in that awesome huge pad you were using to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit? Yeah, me too. Here’s what’s going on:## MainStage CPU and RAM utilization Or “samplers versus synthesizers”… Your CPU is like the thinking part of your brain, and RAM is like the memory part of your brain. When you are trying to solve a math problem, your “CPU” is doing… Read More

Live Music (Part 2): Audio and MIDI Routing for Live Keys and Loops

This is part 2 in a series on setting up a system for live digital music production. Part 1 (on hardware) can be found here.## My Goal For me, the goal of my synth setup is to have an easy to use, stable and easily controllable synth and loops rig. Often times I’m not the one playing keys (I’m typically behind the skins), so I need my setup to be easily learnable. I don’t want to have to reach for my trackpad to mouse around and tweak settings in Ableton… Read More